Cloak's Coffees

Sal vador thedarkcloak cloak promopost
Promo splash featuring coffees and stickers.
Sal vador thedarkcloak cloakscuppacrystallake new 3x5
Premium Quality Crystal Lake Coffee - Ki ki ki... ma ma ma... Beware this terribly tasty mix of walnut, marshmallows, and cocoa... Perfect for any camping trip. 100% Guatemalan Beans, 8 oz. Whole Coffee Beans
Sal vador thedarkcloak cloakscuppaelmstreetstayawake new 3 5
Elm Street Stay Awake Brew - A delicious rich blend of sleep depriving earthy fruits and dreamy hints of smoke in a medium roast. A Signature Blend, 8 oz. Whole Coffee Beans
Sal vador thedarkcloak cloakscuppaskullbuster new 3x5
SKULL BUSTER - A bold smokey taste of dark chocolate & warm toast that will rattle your bones. Five Bean European Blend, 8 oz. Whole Coffee Beans.
Sal vador thedarkcloak cloakscuppastrangerbrews new 3x5
Stranger Brews - A full-bodied and smooth blend of lemon & dark chocolate, all in a dark roast. 100% Costa Rican Beans, 8 oz. Whole Coffee Beans

Fresh locally roasted coffee with a twist that I debuted at Crypticon. Delicious coffee!

Each design and flavor has been handcrafted and selected to make a unique theme, and they are SO TASTY. I got to sample them all at the coffee roasters and you are in for a treat with this high quality coffee. You also get an extra sticker of the design on it's own, aside from the art bag they come in.